Two top countries for property investment in 2019

In today’s complex world, global property stands out among investment choices as it is both a challenging asset and among the best current opportunities for generating cash flow while building real, long-term prosperity.

Whether you are considering a first buy overseas or are looking to enlarge existing foreign property holdings, here is where you should focus your attention and your funds this New Year. As we proceed into 2019, these places predominate as markets of opportunity:


I see this season as an opportunity to buy on a dip, because, long term, I remain very bullish about the Panama City rentals marketplace.

Yields continue strong… although not as powerful as they were a year or two back, mainly because rents have softened.

Argentine, Colombian, and Venezuelan buyers have helped to keep the Panama City market steady and growing over the last ten decades, even while other markets in this area have fought or even collapsed.


I suggest focusing on the Fortaleza region. This coastal area is a top destination among tourists. Rentals targeting the neighbourhood vacation marketplace can earn better than 8 per cent net yield faithfully.

I also suggest an investment in beachfront along this shore, where low prices are an international deal.

Excellent yields and a weak currency helps make this country a solid purchase for 2019.