Tips for adding warmth to your office interiors.

Modern-day design means tidy lines and organized spaces. Sadly, it can mean homes aren’t exactly comfortable and cozy. Modern homes with easy colour palettes can seem cold and sterile, especially in open concept homes. If you are battling to get your home or office feeling warm then you’re not alone. Whilst some office interiors will require a full commercial fit out to update them, not all office spaces need such significant renovations. Making your interiors feel warm and comfy doesn’t involve a massive overhaul, instead it’s about emphasizing the property’s best features while retaining the fresh aesthetic you love. 

Here’s how to cosy up cold interior spaces without creating any significant changes.

New curtains. 

Swap cold venetian blinds for broad flowy curtains instead. Depending on the type of office you have, commercial or home, you could choose some simple sheer curtains or go for colour and patterns to really warm up the space and add high energy to motivate workers.


Modern-day rooms often have hard-surface floors such as concrete and hardwood. Rugs are a good way to diminish the edges of your hard floors and create defined spaces in an open concept layout.


Even if you’re not much of a green thumb, houseplants are one of the simplest ways to make your office more healthy and green. Plants add colour, texture, and life to cold rooms. Many houseplants are hardy and easy to care for and will survive in the office environment. The trick on how you can use them to cosy up a cold space is to concentrate on choosing the plants that are of different size, shape and texture. You may even choose bold coloured or textured pots to put them in. The popular fiddle fig leaf can be quite tall in size and will instantly fill a space with green texture. Style tall bamboo shoots with a few succulents, and peace lilies with other indoor ferns. You’ll be surprised at how quickly a few plants turn a room from sterile to snug.

Try out some new lighting. 

Light has a way of transforming cold spaces. If your office is feeling sterile and cold, try to get some overhead lighting. If you’re doing a full office fitout in Melbourne there are a number of companies that specialise in office lighting just right. If it’s just a simple update you need then you can make an easy change by switching light globes to the warm-hued LEDs with a few accent lights.Now you may want to throw away that lamp that you never use, but it is perfect when you want to warm up your space for a relaxed night in or when entertaining guests.

Soft Furnishings. 

Check out your local furniture store which tends to sell pieces pre-matched which can take out the guesswork of finding the right sofa and chairs. In a cosy space, you don’t want matching, you want odds which give plenty of personality. You can mix several types of furniture to make your home appear lived in, which is not how sterile homes look.


Fabrics are an easy and effective way to warm up a cold interior space. The flow and surface textures from different textiles produce a warm, and a layered effect. Textiles can also physically warm up a chilly space. 


We all love having a blanket by our side? Warm-up your home office by piling blankets in a nice basket or throw them over your modern furniture. Search for warm spice colours, nice fabrics and knits that increase the cozy factor.

Throw pillows. 

If you have a couch or feature chair in the office then throw pillows may add the warmth and strength you need in the room. You can swap them around based on the season or pick a few patterns to warm up your space.

Adding warmth to your office just got a whole lot easier. Follow the tips above and see how much warmth you can bring into your office interiors.