Child-friendly vs child-free hotel – which one is better?

A lovely silence as the wind hits the pool, the trees rustle and that is all. No kid crying about wanting a new popsocket or video game. No phone accessories getting ruined because your kids play with them…

If you have children of your own the sound of silence can be heaven to the ears. Did you know if you are on a honeymoon or taking a holiday without the kids you can travel and stay at an adult-only hotel? This type of hotel is growing in popularity and most places who are adults-only limited ages to being over 18 in order to stay there.

Couples that want a romantic getaway can struggle to be romantic together in a place filled with children running around and throwing tantrums. An adult-only hotel takes the stress out of the holiday. You get a different perspective from going to an adult-only hotel. These types of hotels offer you tranquillity and privacy for you and your loved one. No one can truly rest when there are children around but here you can rejuvenate and enjoy time without the children once in a while.

You can check out the statistics about travelling in Australia if you’re interested – but I guarantee you’ll find it’s better to travel without kids (every now and then!). Obviously you need to have holidays with your kids too, but you should treat yourself to a child-free holiday at least once a year.

Meet New Friends

In the hotel that is adults only you get the chance to meet other people who are on the same vacation as you a child-free vacation. You have the time and peace to mingle with other guests and do different activities together. You cannot be bar hopping and enjoying the entertainment when you have nagging children close by.

Additional Amenities

Compared to other hotels that cater to families there are some hotels like the adult only hotels that have amenities and facilities that are only for adults only. Spa privileges, tours, entertainment and even special romance rooms that will vary from place to place.


Yes, it is true that an adult-only hotel is more expensive but that is because it is more luxurious, and amenities are only for adults. You are paying to stay where there are no children. The facilities are top of the range just like the food, entertainment and the bedrooms. Yes, it is worth spending the money to get the much-needed peace and quiet without dealing with whinging kids and spoilt children demanding everything. Most hotels do have different packages that can cater for all different budgets, so you will be able to find something that is affordable for you. 

Everyone should be planning a vacation to give themselves time to refresh themselves before going back to the busy day to day life. Going to an adult-only hotel is a once in a lifetime thing to discover the wonderful world of travelling without children.

If you are wanting to take a much-needed rest, then you can enjoy sleep-ins and quiet nights together without having the bother of kids screaming and yelling and being loud in their rooms all night. Don’t go asking yourself if it is worth it to go to a child-free hotel. The answer is yes, it certainly is. There are so many advantages of staying in a hotel without children that you truly cannot experience without taking a dive and going there.

Leave the kids at home and your troubles and enjoy eating tea without children whinging they don’t want their tea, or they don’t like their drinks. Are you sick of kids running around in circles screaming at the top of their lungs? Leave all that behind and start your luxurious holiday straight away.