A luxury touch to your bathroom

If you have a small bathroom you may find it a hard task to create a functional space and one that looks good too. Did you know that with just a few clever tricks you can have your bathroom looking bigger and more relaxing than you would have imaged? Here’s how.

Keep the natural light

Most small bathrooms appear dark and dull. Include as much natural light as you can to brighten the room up and create a more spacious feel. If your bathroom doesn’t have a window or the window is very small in size it can be a good idea to install a skylight. This will allow more light to come in.

Don’t have too many colours

Try and keep the same colour throughout the room. If you are using different colours and patterns, then everything will appear cluttered. The room will feel small as colour divides up the space. Stick to a light colour throughout so it will appear lighter and brighter.

Change everything to white

White bathrooms is a good style to stick to as it never goes out of trend. White shades make the room bigger as the white shades reflect light better than every other colour. Keeping your fixtures white as well will create a seamless look. White porcelain slabs for your bathroom surfaces would be the best got- option for a more rich and elegant finish.

Paint the ceiling and walls the same

Paint your ceiling the same as the walls and try to get the floor to match in also so you continue the seamless look around the whole area. If you want a contrast, then you should choose a lighter shade for the ceiling area. By painting your ceiling lighter can help to create an unbroken effect.

Bathroom luxury

Blending the tiles with the walls

If you have a bathroom that is only half tiled, then it is essential to paint the rest of the walls the same to match in with the tiles. This helps to get rid of the dividing lines that are quite noticeable where the tiles end. Stick to the same coloured grout to ensure you create a unified look. You ceiling will appear higher without the horizontal dividing lines catching people’s eyes. Terrazzo benchtops for the basin and the towel rack would be an exquisite choice for the classy touch you very much long for your bathroom.

Change between materials seamlessly 

Make your small bathroom seem bigger by creating a more expensive and cleaner look. This works well when you are using the same materials such as using the same flooring in the shower as in the rest of the bathroom, so it flows. You will end up with a divided look in your bathroom if you are using different materials in different areas.

Use large plain floor tiles

Making the common mistake of putting small tiles in a small bathroom. These allow the dividing lines to come to view easily and makes the room seem smaller.
Choose plain coloured large tiles that give the appearance of a flowing room that doesn’t have the cluttered look.

Don’t hate your bathroom anymore. Create a new look and a more spacious feel from applying the above tips to your bathroom so you to can be enjoying a bright and spacious bathroom.